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"Cristiano is happy and I'm sure he'll renew his contract"

Pepe, the Portuguese central defender, believes his team-mate and compatriot will extend his contract with Madrid, though he did express reservations about Mourinho's future. "There are no certainties. I hope he stays because we need him."


"Cristiano is happy and I'm sure he'll renew his contract"

"Cristiano is happy at Real Madrid and focused on helping the team. I'm sure he'll renew his contract," Pepe said in an interview with the Portuguese programme 'Grande Area' when asked about a story published by AS stating that his team-mate didn't want to commit extend his contract with the club, which runs out in 2015.

However, Pepe didn't appear to be so convinced about José Mourinho's future: "I'm not sure what he'll do. There are no certainties. The boss knows what the future holds for him, but I hope he stays because we need him."

Asked about La Liga, he said: "It's not about Barcelona being better, it's about Madrid being worse."

Pepe repeated the same opinion he gave in an interview with 'Record': "To get to Mourinho people have to attack Cristiano and myself even when they are very different situations. We all have our own responsibilities and we have to admit when we are wrong. The gaffer has his own way of leading the team and it's the same for us on the pitch."

When talking about the atmosphere in the dressing room, Pepe added: "At Madrid it's like one big family. Our status is very high, but we're all united because we know we have to be, otherwise we're going nowhere."

He also said Cristiano was one of the most difficult players to stop. "For a central defender marking him is a nightmare because of his speed. You also have his change of pace, which is impressive. It's difficult to keep up."

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