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José Mourinho: "Coaches continue to pick the team"

The Real Madrid coach was speaking at Dubai's Seventh International Sports Conference, together with Diego Maradona.

José Mourinho once again made reference, indirectly, to Casillas being dropped to the bench for Madrid's last game of the year, against Málaga. During his speech at the Seventh International Sports Conference in Dubai, where he is appearing along with other leading figures from the world of football he said: "Maybe it looked like a bad week, but the outcome was fantastic. Football changes greatly, but there is one thing that doesn't: the teams continue to be picked by the coaches".

Alongside Mourinho was Diego Maradona who said during his speech that for him the most important thing in life is "the family".

Casillas: "I don't get him being a monument. For me the monument is Real Madrid, and teh coach has to do the best for the team. It's simple. I don't see the need for a fuss, nor monuments, or anything. I prefer people who think about tomorrow, independent of what happened in the past".

Being Portuguese in Spain: "It's tough, very tough. I think it's for historical reasons, that some people struggle to forget".

Cristiano: "He's a star; everyone wants a player like him, because of his character, and his determination. Everyone knows he's the best and they are right behind him. His natural habitat is at the world's biggest teams".

Manchester United: "We've been picked against a team coached by an icon. Ferguson is the only one who is keen to talk whilst he drinks a very, very, very expensive wine... So the trip will end up being quite expensive as I'll need to buy him a decent bottle. It'll be a thrilling clash and we're keen to beat a team who have a different philosophy to Real Madrid".

Conversation or authority: "A trainer has good and bad periods. It's not easy to be in charge of a squad of 20 or 25 players, from different countries. Football needs to be the most important thing in their lives, and it's important to instil that in them. For me the main goal is to motivate the players every day".

The press: "The world of the press is a difficult one, because they need to earn a living from what we do. We can win a game, but they always need to find something. That's why they go the wrong way. Years ago a lie in the press was a big thing. Now, the problem is when they don't sell [newspapers]. For us, the coaches, we have to cope with lies and that's not easy at all. Last week was difficult because we lost, but for me the week was great, because I arrived at a very simple conclusion: football can change, but there is one thing that doesn't change, and it is that the team is picked by the coach".

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