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Cruyff criticises Madrid in newspaper interview

In an interview with Algerian paper 'Le Buteur', the Dutchman blasted the philosophy at the Bernabéu and highlighted the downside to Barça's 16-point advantage over Real.


Cruyff criticises Madrid in newspaper interview

Former Barcelona boss Johan Cruyff has given an interview to the Algerian newspaper 'Le Buteur' in which he discussed the current state of play in La Liga. He also spoke about Real Madrid and Barcelona, as well as heaping praise on Vicente del Bosque and considering Pep Guardiola's next move.

La Liga: "Barcelona have a huge lead. In truth, it's not healthy for the league. The Barcelona fans might be happy about it, but what makes a good tournament is the tension and excitement it creates. In this league the suspense is over."

Barça's style of play: "To know how Barcelona play, look at the team when it doesn't have the ball. They pressure their opponent right up to the goalkeeper to get the ball back as quickly as possible. The most difficult thing in football is to do the easy things and do them well. That's the difference between Barça and all the rest."

Guardiola's future: "He's too young to stop. He'll be back, but to do something different. Who knows what. Maybe he'll manage a national team - that has its pros and cons. To adopt Pep's style of play, you have to train a lot. If he goes to a club, he'll have to impose his vision and his system on the team; it'll have to be a club where he can do his job without interference and where his style will be appreciated by the supporters. If he wants to be at a new club for four or five years, he'll need a president who gives him carte blanche to implement his vision."

Coach of the year 2012: "For me it has to be Vicente del Bosque for what he's achieved and the way he has conducted himself."

The Real Madrid philosophy: "What really annoys me about Madrid today is the personality the club has adopted, the way they teach their young players to be. Look at how Xavi [Hernández], [Andrés] Iniesta or [Lionel] Messi behave and you'll know what I mean. They're normal, down-to-earth guys."

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