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Mou: "Adán is playing better than Casillas at the moment"

The Madrid coach insisted he dropped Iker Casillas for the game with Málaga for sporting reasons. "You can invent what you want, but the decision was purely technical", he said.

Mou: "Adán is playing better than Casillas at the moment"

José Mourinho insisted that the decision to drop Iker Casillas for the game with Málaga was a "technical decision" and had nothing to do with an off the field dispute.

"You can invent what you want," said the Portuguese coach after Real Madrid's 3-2 defeat to Manuel Pellegrini's side.

Mourinho also stated that it would be impossible to catch Barcelona now and said he was not about to quit as coach of 'Los Blancos'.

Dropping Casillas: "It was a technical decision taken by the coach. I analysed the situation and chose the team. You can invent what you want, but the decision was purely technical. Adán is playing better than Casillas at the moment. That's my opinion and I'm the one that makes the decisions after listening to my assistants. The way the game turned out, the goalkeeper had no influence on the result."

Problems in defence: "We had problems everywhere, in many areas, one of which was the defence."

Málaga: "I would never coach them, like many other clubs. I'm free to decide where I want to work. I have nothing against Málaga or the city, but these are my life choices. We were defending too deep for each of their goals. I'm hurt more when my team loses and could have given more, but today my players gave everything. I've told them not to worry, that they did as well as they could."

Gap between Madrid and Barcelona: "Last year we won the league and finished nine points clear of second place. This season we are too far behind, but we have to take responsibility for why we are not doing a good job. Also, things have been happening from game to game that I'd rather not talking about (a reference to two penalties Madrid were denied)."

The possibility of resigning: "I have not contemplated it. I'm not worried about my position, this is football. I'm not a child, nor have I been here for just two days. We know that in football people have short memories, that what you did yesterday does not matter, only what has happened today, and not the trophies you have won.

"I would be fighting a losing battle if the players didn't want to win but they did want to win. They gave everything against Espanyol and today, but we ran out of luck. And then there were two (refereeing) decisions.

"This break could not come at a more ideal time. The players are sad and feeling empty. They have given everything but got nothing in return. We are not worried about how many points they are ahead of us, we are worried about our personal pride and what Real Madrid stands for."

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