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Busquets chases three points "for Tito and for Barcelona"

The midfield man also expressed his confidence in the temporary coaching team: "Roura and Altimira will make sure everything keeps moving in the right direction."

Busquets chases three points "for Tito and for Barcelona"

In the run-up to Saturday's meeting with Valladolid, Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets has talked of his side's desire to seal a win for boss Tito Vilanova after his recent health problems. He also spoke positively of the stand-in coaching team of Jordi Roura and Aureli Altimira, and gave short shrift to suggestions that the Catalan club have already sewn up the league title.

Staying focussed on the match: "I'm sure that a win would give Tito a real boost. They're three really important points in every sense; for the boss, for Barcelona. The last few days have been hard for us. He spoke to us all a few days ago, and we still take strength from the things he said. Our aim is to come back with the three points."

The dangers posed by Valladolid: "They have a really good team. I'm not only worried about their aerial ability; I'm worried about all parts of their game. They like to play from the back, they play good football and they're having a good season. We have to think about our own game and find a way to win."

On what Tito brings to the team: "Tito is the coach; he's in charge of everything. We'll all do everything we can to make the job as easy as possible for Jordi, although he's more than capable of that on his own."

Self-management by the players: "We all decided together that I would speak to the press today, that's all. Roura will speak after the game. He's very energetic and he knows how everything works here. He's Barcelona through and through. What's important is that we all pull together. Let's hope this is only a short-term arrangement: that would be good news for Tito. Roura and Altimira will make sure everything keeps moving in the right direction. Roura has looked calm these past few days. On the day of the match he might be a little bit more stressed, but that won't be a problem. The senior players know exactly what to do in these situations. We just want to keep everything going as smoothly it has up to now."

On suggestions that the league is already over: "No way. Neither Atlético nor Real will give up on the league - and they'll be waiting for us to slip up. We have to keep picking up points, game after game."

Busquets, an Arabian idol: "I saw it and it surprised me. I liked it, because it's not something you expect. It just shows you how wide-reaching football, and Barça, can be."

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