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Falcao on his team-mates: "Courtois is the biggest flirt"

The Colombian striker gave the TV channel 'Cuatro' an insight into life in the Atlético Madrid dressing room: "Adrián is the biggest joker - and along with me he's the biggest daydreamer".


Falcao on his team-mates: "Courtois is the biggest flirt"

In a Q&A for the Spanish television channel 'Cuatro', Atlético's Radamel Falcao lifted the lid on his team-mates and described the good atmosphere enjoyed at the club.

Other animals at Atlético alongside 'el Tigre': "Thibaut 'the turtle' Courtois. His neck is just so long."

The joker: "Cata, Juanfran or Diego Costa. I'll go for Juanfran. Or Adrián... Adrián."

The most vain: "Mario Suárez".

The most serious: "Tiago".

The most superstitious: "Godin. Before matches he always sits in the same place and refuses to swap."

The biggest flirt: "Courtois is single, so let's give that one to him."

The biggest daydreamer: "That's between Adrián and me."

The dressing-room DJ: "Juanfran".

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