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Mourinho mocks Benítez: "I don't care where he's going"

The Real Madrid coach also ruled out bringing in new recruits in the January transfer window and confirmed that Kaká would be staying put.

Mourinho mocks Benítez: "I don't care where he's going"

José Mourinho has declared that Real Madrid are unlikely to sign any players in the January transfer window and that Kaká will not leave the club either.

As well as discussing his strained relationship with the press, the Portuguese responded angrily to questions about Rafael Benítez, who insinuated that he may become the next Real Madrid coach at the end of the season by declaring in an interview that he would not talk about Real Madrid.

Rafa Benítez and Real Madrid: "I don't know where he's going and nor do I care, but as a fan of Chelsea, I hope he wasn't thinking about Real Madrid during the game against Corinthians.

The European ban on Málaga: "It's not my place to comment on the decision, but I hope that the problem can be sorted out if they qualify for Europe next season. If you win that right on the pitch, then it's a shame to have it taken away for reasons off the field."

Turning the season around: "We work as a group, but each member of the squad should be able to motivate themselves to come in on a Monday ready to work hard. Working as a group we have to help each other to improve. We have to improve in all areas. I have more experience of wins than defeats. This is my 400th top-flight match and so far I've only lost 10% of them."

Blame: "The current situation is down to the same people who won the league. If it was the players who won it, they're to blame. If the coaching team won it, they're to blame. If we won it together, we're all to blame."

The fixture list in the coming months: "What's important is to find out how it varies so much between different teams. That's what needs to be looked at."

The transfer window: "I don't expect us to make any signings in January. I don't think Kaká will leave, either. If he stays, that'll be good for the team."

The rest of the league season: "It doesn't help us to think about how many points behind we are. The only solution is to play each game to win and try to improve. And not to pick and choose our competitions; we have to give everything in every game and work hard as a group. And we have to try and get back the players who are out, the players we haven't talked about during this difficult period. When they're back, we'll have the chance to improve. Then, at the end of the season, we can look back and see what the positives and the negatives are."

Assessment of 2012: "That's easy: we did well in the league and won the title. We also won the Supercopa, which is the least important competition, but we did it against our biggest rival. So far this season, we've done the job in the Champions League but not in the league."

Fabio Coentrao: "He's injured. When he plays, he plays well. He's getting better and better. But then he got injured and it's taking longer for him to get back than we thought."

Asked for his opinion of the press: "It doesn't work like that: it's not my job to analyse your work, but vice versa. If you do so honestly, you'll have a quiet Christmas. If not, if you're not worthy of your profession, the festive season will be less relaxed."

Message for Tito Vilanova: "I won't talk in public about what I do in private. If I've spoken to him or sent him a message, that's a private issue. If a colleague has health problems, we're all on the same side. We'll all support Tito, his family and anyone who has a problem like this."

Choosing Nacho: "We have five defenders. Four will play and one will be on the bench."

Málaga: "They're having a very good season. They reached their target in the Champions League. They play good football, and are doing a great job. They have many different types of players to choose from. Saviola plays one way and Santa Cruz another, but they both provide creativity. It's going to be a tough game."

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