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Roura, Barcelona's interim coach

Jordi Roura (Llagostera, 10/9/1967) arrived at La Masia in the 1980s and played ten official games for Barça. However, his playing career was cut short by a knee injury.

Roura, Barcelona's interim coach

Jordi Roura (Llagostera, 10-9-1967) arrived at La Masia in the 1980s, where he struck up a series of friendships with other players, who affectionally gave him the nickname els golafres (the glut) after he always turned up to training on a Monday morning with a large amount of food. Within that group of friends there were the likes of Guardiola, Vilanova, Altimira and Sánchez Jara, among others.

Roura made his debut with the Barcelona first team (where he played 10 official matches), but his career was cut short by a serious knee injury at the age of 25. It happened in a European Cup Winners Cup game against Milan: in minute seven his knee went and he had to be replaced by Soler; he did manage to recover but was never the same tough and decisive centre-forward that was given his debut by Cruyff against Elche. After leaving Barcelona in 1991 he went to Murcia and then saw out the rest of his career at Figueres.

With Guardiola in charge, Roura was part of the team's technical staff, though with a much more anonymous role in which he focused directly on the match analyses and was in charge of writing reports on other teams.

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