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Real Madrid and Nadal send messages of support to Tito

Many current and former sportsmen sent their own messages of support to the Barcelona coach, who has suffered a relapse of cancer.


Real Madrid and Nadal send messages of support to Tito

The Spanish sporting world has responded to the news that Tito Vilanova suffered a relapse of cancer with an outpouring of messages of support for the Barcelona coach.

Various hashtags were created on Twitter for Vilanova - #ÀnimsTito (in Catalan), #ÁnimoTito and #fuerzaTito, which all translate as 'Get well soon Tito', while numerous sportsmen and sporting institutions chipped in with messages of encouragement.

Real Madrid issued the following statement on its official website:

"Real Madrid wishes to expresses all its support, affection and best wishes to the Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova, who we wish a quick recovery. Real Madrid would also like to extend this support to his club and his family."

Rafa Nadal, meanwhile, wrote a message on Twitter for the Barcelona coach: "I wish all my support to Tito Vilanova. We are with you and we'll help you overcome this new step."

Fellow tennis player David Ferrer wrote a similar message: "Sad news about Tito Vilanova, best wishes to him and his family #AnimsTito", while countless footballers wrote messages on social media for the Catalan coach.

Mario Suárez (Atlético Madrid): "I want to send all my support and best wishes to Tito Vilanova! #AnimoTito".

Ander Herrera (Athletic Bilbao): "I can't believe it, I'm shocked, is it true? Tito has shown he is a fighter, he has got through a serious illness before and I hope he will do the same again. He has all my support and that of the club."

Ibai Gómez (Athletic Bilbao): "From Bilbao, all the support in the world for Tito Vilanova" #AnimsTito".

Guti (former Real Madrid player): "All my support for Tito Vilanova because people's wellbeing comes above everything. Best wishes."

Rayo Vallecano: "Rayo Vallecano would like to send all our strength and best wishes for a speedy recovery to the Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova."

Fernando Torres: "No-one doubts that you will return as strong as ever. We will be there waiting, you will win this match! #ÀnimsTito".

Borja Valero (Fiorentina): "Football always comes second #AnimsTito".

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