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"If I thought it would make our problems go away, I'd resign"

The Valencia president declared that the club was stable and heading in the right direction, and said the team's results had nothing to do with his leadership.

"If I thought it would make our problems go away, I'd resign"

Valencia's much criticised president Manuel Llorente held a press conference on Tuesday at the Mestalla, affirming his intention to stay on at the club, despite large sections of the club's supporters calling for him to resign after losing 0-1 to Rayo Vallecano on Sunday.

Llorente insisted that the club was stable and criticised former president Paco Roig, who recently spoke out against the running of the club.

Statement: "I am here today, alongside my colleagues as president of the board, to declare that Valencia is a strong and stable club. We firmly believe that we have the resources, structure and competitive capacity to continue the work we started here three and a half years ago."

Self criticism: "I have made some mistakes as president, that cannot be denied, and I accept that. We all know which areas we have to improve in."

The club as an institution: "I want to share a thought of mine with you all - a period of poor results on a sporting level does not mean the club is going through an institutional crisis."

Fans booing the president: "If I thought that my leaving the club would rid us of our economic and sporting problems I wouldn't be here, I would have left a long time ago."

Paco Roig and his criticism of the club: "Paco Roig also said that he would build the Empire State building in the Mestalla."

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