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Florentino to defend Mourinho in front of club members

The Madrid president will declare his support for the controversial coach at a ceremony for the club's longest standing members on Saturday.

Florentino to defend Mourinho in front of club members

There is little doubting the uncertainty that surrounds José Mourinho's future at Real Madrid. The Portuguese did not help the situation two weeks ago when he declared to the press: "In June the club and I will sit down and talk, perhaps they are not happy with me".

But Florentino Pérez will try to quash this speculation on Saturday at a ceremony for the club's longest standing members.The president has spent days mulling over this idea, spurred on by reports in the European press that his coach will leave the club in June, despite having a contract until 2016, which was only renewed last summer.

Florentino intends on using his speech in the ceremony to state the case in defence of Mourinho and make it clear that his coach has a contract until 2016 and the club wants him to stay on until it runs out.

It's not the first time that Florentino has come to Mou's defence. In a meeting with senior members in September 2011, he said: "Mourinho has opened our eyes to what nobility means. Nobility is saying when a player isn't pulling his weight, and saying when a player is giving his all. Mourinho has the support of 95% of the club's members.

In the last Assembly for members, on 30 September 2012, he declared his support for the Portuguese, saying: "He is the best coach in the world. He understands what Madrid is and he identifies with the club, he defends our interests."

However, Mourinho has made it been known on a number of occasions that his future as of June 2013 could be away from the Bernabéu.

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