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Mourinho: "Varane was injured but played better than most"

The Madrid coach admitted regretting not picking Álvaro Morata, but said Celta deserved to win the game. However, he believes Madrid will still qualify for the Quarter Finals.

José Mourinho charged against his players in the post-match press conference after Madrid lost 2-1 to Celta in the first leg of the last 16 of the Copa del Rey, but was confident his side would win the second leg at the Santiago Bernabéu and progress to the quarter finals.

He also singled out Rafael Varane for praise and regretted not playing Álvaro Morata, but said Celta deserved to win the game.

Varane: "Varane played like a champion, because he was injured and he did more than players that weren't injured. He had to play as a centre-forward because he couldn't spint and he couldn't play as a defender."

Morata: "I made the decision to leave him out, that's what I'm here for. Sometimes you make good decisions and other times you make bad decisions. Today I made the wrong decision. Perhaps he should have been on the bench."

Are you disappointed with the players? "Obviously there are players that have disappointed me but don't expect me to name names. It would have been better to play Morata, he may not be experienced, but he is ambitious and it would have been better to play him than a player who didn't want to play. It was cold out there, it was raining, it was a cup tie. It was my error and I take responsibility for it, but it's not just the coach's fault."

Celtade Vigo: "I thought they played well. I think they deserved to win, the result is a fair reflection of the game. There weren't many chances, perhaps it could have finished 1-0. I'm not sure how they scored the second goal, but it meant we had to react but they were the better side. I still think Madrid are favourites and I want to believe we are going to win. I would prefer to lose here than in the league, as we still have another game in the Copa and we hope we can get through but they've got a good chance too."

Hopes of qualifying: "We have every chance of qualifying. We don't have to win 4-0 or 5-0, we don't have to pull off a historic comeback, we just have to win and I think we can win but I also know that Celta will give everything and play to their strengths."

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