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"Spain? If they win two more World Cups then we'll talk"

The ex-Brazil coach Dunga doesn't mince his words in 'The Times of India'. He doubts Spain's pedigree and criticizes Portugal: "Cristiano has talent but his teammates are average."


"Spain? If they win two more World Cups then we'll talk"

Dunga coached Brazil between 2006 and 2010, and never managed to approach equalling his greatest feat as a 'canarinha' player - that World Cup win of 1994, when he was the lynchpin in the midfield of a Brazil that was more functional than spectacular. Nevertheless, they were world champions; like Spain, who recently completed a historic triple of European Championship - World Cup - European Championship. For Dunga, though, they still have to earn their place among the greats. At least that was what he implied in a chat to 'The Times of India'.

"Spain still haven't displaced Brazil on the top step of world football. They've only won one World Cup and their success has been put together in the last four years, just that. They need to win another couple of World Cups, and then we'll talk about their pedigree", he affirmed.

Dunga didn't linger on Spain in his assessment of the favourites for the next World Cup, and didn't give Portugal a good chance either, despite the fact they have one of the best players in the world: "One player alone doesn't win a great tournament. To be champions you have to surround a star with first-rate players. For example Cristiano Ronaldo: he has a lot of talent but his national teammates are average." However, two teams he believes are in with a good chance in 2014 are Brazil and Argentina "Messi is more experienced now and Neymar is growing in confidence. And those two teams, Argentina and Brazil, do have a good group to surround their stars." About Neymar and his move to European football, he was optimistic: "He should wait for the World Cup and cross the Atlantic. It'll help him to grow as a player."

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