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Kaká: Off to New York or Los Angeles, with less money

If the Brazilian does leave for the MSL he will have to reduce his salary of nine million euros, after taxes. The highest paid player in the US is Henry, who takes home 4.8 million euros.

Kaká said after the game against Ajax that he wasn't entirely happy with his situation, and that he is "happy to talk to the club" about a solution. He left open the possibility of a move in January and that could well be to the USA. Two teams in the Major Soccer League are looking to bring the midfielder on board: the New York Red Bulls and Los Angeles Galaxy.

If Kaká does leave he will need to see his extravagant salary reduced. He is currently on 9 nine million euros (net). In the MSL the best paid player is currently Henry, of the Red Bulls, who earns around 4.8 million euros, half what the Brazilian brings in at Madrid.

The New York outfit has one advantage in the race for Kaká's signature. His younger brother Digao is playing there. He has signed a one year contract with the Red Bulls, although he is far from earning 9 million a year. His salary is a 'mere' 68,700 euros. Digao himself said in September that his brother loves the Big Apple: "He would like to live in New York in the future".

The MSL has a salary cap of 270,000 euros, with each team being allowed three footballers who earn above that. The Red Bulls have Henry (4.8 million), Márquez (3.5) and Cahill (2.9). To bring Kaká on board they would need to drop one of their existing superstars. The Galaxy are not faced with such a problem; with the departure of Beckham, the L.A. team have a space for the Brazilian and have said they would do "whatever it takes" to sign him.

The other option for Kaká would be a return to Brazil. Jorge Rodrigues, candidate for President of Flamengo, has let the press know that his electoral weapon is Kaká and Djalminha is in talks with his father.

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