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Mourinho: "Beating me up is the national sport, I assume"

"People applaud me or whistle at me because they'll get a reaction. If the people want to whistle at me, I'll be there on the pitch from 9.20", says the Madrid coach.

Mourinho: "Beating me up is the national sport, I assume"

"They cheer me and they whistle at me. Not to you (speaking to a journalist) because you're indifferent to them. If they want to whistle at me I'll be there on the pitch from 9.20 tomorrow evening. I've been in football too many years for it to affect me. I hope that people support the team to help them win the match" said José Mourinho in the press conference before Real Madrid's derby match against Atlético tomorrow at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Future: "I don't bet on anything. A match is there to enjoy. If you win, you enjoy it a lot. If you lose, in the end, you also enjoy it. As we play every three days, there's not much time to be happy or sad. I make the most of the 90 minutes."

Simeone: "I get on well with him. And we've kept that while being rival coaches in the same city. I met him years ago, when he was at Inter, and I've kept in touch with him. I'm pleased things are going well for him, especially in Europe, where our interests don't clash. So he's opening the doors for training to his fans and I'm not? I have no opinion about that. I'm sure they'll be working on tactics and strategy. Definitely (smiling)."

Progress compared to Barça: "We'll take stock at the end. You don't have to be mathematical to know that 14 points or eight isn't the same as being 11 away. We have to take it from match to match. We always go out there to win. Whatever happens."

Criticism: "Beating me up is the national sport and I like it, because it makes people happy. It doesn't matter."

The squad's support: "What the players say doesn't affect me. What I want is that they have my mentality on the pitch and they give everything. It matters that they have the same mentality as me on the pitch. You have to give everything. That's better than words."

Match against Betis: "In that match there were three teams. One was very good and two were bad.Tomorrow I'd like it if two were good and one bad. Madrid and the referee good, and Atlético bad. Although as I like football I hope that we're all good."

Essien case: "You're calling us liars. And I think it's you lot. You say things and then people deny them. Like the stuff about PSG. Essien had an allergy. His club, Chelsea, has all the right to look at him. We're not liars. He'll come back to Madrid tomorrow and will be training as normal on Sunday.

José Rodríguez and the message to Toril: "He's got the right mentality and the ambition. The other day he played 90 minutes and at the end he was pretty worn out. He hadn't played so much for a long time. He's not in the Castilla first team and I don't want to take the risk of him preparing for a match like that. But I like to reward boys like this. He had a really good match against Alcoyano. He was there on his own merit. If he has to play, I'm not afraid. He can provide a positive answer."

Ballon d'Or coaches' award: "I don't have time to think about it. Guardiola does, because he's on holiday. So does Del Bosque, whose next match is three months away."

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