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Mourinho: "It's probably the club that isn't happy with me"

The Real Madrid coach says the end of the season will be the time to judge his work, and acknowledges that the fans will be unhappy: "I'll understand if people whistle against Alcoyano."

Mourinho: "It's probably the club that isn't happy with me"

Jose Mourinho simply said today this his relationship with the club is "as normal" following his caustic words after the defeat against Betis. He added that his relationship with the players is also "as normal" despite the defeats.

"I'm working here as I've been doing for years. Problems with the club? I don't understand the question; the relationship is as normal. With the players? As normal. It depends on your satisfaction, the results, the joy. When you win things are much better than when you lose, it's logical", said the Portuguese.

His stance towards the club: "I don't want anyone to speak for me. I'm another employee. It's the club in charge, and they have to decide if their happy with what we've got. You have to evaluate things at the end. It's probably the club that aren't happy with me and think that there are things to improve on. It's worthwhile waiting. Now, I have a very, very, very good relationship - it couldn't be better - with the president and with José Ángel Sánchez (director general). If there are disagreements on the professional playing field, that's normal, that's life. I left Chelsea and I still have a fantastic personal relationship with the president Abramovich and with other people at the club."

The match against Alcoyano: "People won't be happy, but we won't accept going through losing 1-0 or drawing. We'll understand if the fans whistle, but I hope they show their support for the young lads that will play - there are four of them. Morata, José Rodriguez, Nacho and Cheryshev will play. They deserve to be left alone. Beyond that, the supporters can criticize what they see fit, which I will accept calmly. The score from the first leg is in our favour (1-4), but we have to have a good match. We have to give an answer to justify people coming out at these times in the cold. People are probably going to whistle and criticise with all the right to. The players I've picked have to shoulder their responsibilities. The team has to be at it's best. If we don't qualify it'd be a total disaster."

The Liga and Barça's 11-point advantage: "Is it possible to win the Liga? I think it's possible to win the Copa. We'll talk about the Liga and this points difference on Friday, when I'll be back in a press conference", he said. Regarding Levante-Barcelona, "speak to the coach of Levante, not to me", he commented.

Planning of next season: "Is it you - he answered to an AS journalist - who says that I'm not working on next season? What more do you want me to say, to call you a liar? No, because it's not right. It might be that I'm not a good coach, but I'm a professional; I won't let you say I'm not a good professional."

What was missing against Betis: "We didn't play well. But we scored a good goal, with a lot of time left to play. Regarding the things I'm not happy with about my team... that's a question you should have asked after the match on Saturday, not today. On Saturday I was available to speak for all the journalists. I'm sorry."

The Özil substitution: "I'd prefer to speak about tomorrow's match than Saturday's - insisted Mourinho -, we've already spoken about that in the Seville press conference. Today's questions should all be about the match tomorrow against Alcoyano. There are questions about individual players, when you ask me to analyze a personal situation. But that's what you, the journalists are here for. I could answer that question with another. What did you think of the player against Betis? I can't and I don't want to say much more.

The players' commitment: "I'd prefer to wait until the end of the season to make these types of judgements. Yes they did give their all against Manchester City, but not so much against Betis... I'd prefer if it wasn't like this every match; better at the end of the season", he concluded.

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