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Casillas: "Sometimes we need to show our anger more"

Real Madrid's number one reacted to the defeat against Betis: "It was a big setback, but we need to move on and stick together."

Casillas: "Sometimes we need to show our anger more"

Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas gave his reaction to last night's defeat against Betis, a result that could leave 'los blancos' a massive eleven points from Barcelona.

"Mourinho has his own temperament and sometimes he should get more protection from the players. There was an offside decision and a handball, both important decisions. Sometimes we keep quiet when really we should show our anger more," he said.

"It was a big setback and we have taken two steps back in the fight for the league title. Everything has some influence, such as fatigue and Betis' heavy defeat to Sevilla in the derby. The referee also got a couple of things wrong. It's also true that there were certain things lacking in our game, but we have to move on and stick together. Next up we've got the Copa del Rey and then Atlético Madrid," he added.

"Maybe the whole tiredness thing is an excuse, but it's also had a damaging affect at times. Everything has an influence so I don't just want to focus on one thing. I understand the Madrid fans because we didn't do ourselves any favours, but we have to keep looking forward," he concluded.

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