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Tito: "We always receive a warm welcome at Levante"

The Barça coach stressed that what happens in other teams' dressing rooms was none of his concern, and suggested that it's a game in which to give Pinto, backed by Messi, another chance.


Tito: "We always receive a warm welcome at Levante"

Barcelona coach, Tito Vilanova, didn't want to discuss Real Madrid's controversial game against Levante a fortnight ago, and when asked whether he was expecting an aggressive opponent he replied: "We've always been warmly received at Levante. I don't know what happens in other teams' dressing rooms." He also said that it was an opportunity to give Pinto, backed by Messi, another chance.

The heated clash between Levante and Madrid: "The game against Levante has never been easy, but we've always received a warm welcome there. We have no complaints. What happens in other teams' dressing rooms in other games is not my concern."

Levante: "They always have good forwards, players that strike the ball really well, like Barkero... They've beaten every other team at home, apart from Atlético and Madrid. A clean sheet? Not conceding in Moscow was a bonus, but Celtic created less chances and scored twice against us."

Travelling with three keepers and without Villa: "Yes, three keepers, like in the Champions League, and 17 outfield players. It will be the same in other league games. Valdés is OK, and Villa had a few problems in Moscow. The artificial pitch wasn't doing him any favours, but it's not serious."

Two days off: "The players were happy with that and are now ready for the tough month we have ahead."

Jonathan dos Santos: "I've already said that he could go out on loan considering the number of players we have in midfield. I have faith in him, that's why he's in the first-team squad, but it will be difficult for him to get some minutes on the pitch."

The most difficult game left this year: "They're all complicated. We still have to go to Betis, play against Atlético Madrid at home, play Athletic Bilbao..."

On his illness: "On Thursday it was one year since my operation and the lesson here is that it can happen to anyone, it doesn't matter how much you look after yourself. My life changed from one day to the next. The advice I would give is that you have to be strong and I would tell anyone similar situation that they have to rest more than I did."

Elections in Catalonia: "I've been following them and, yes, it interests me. I will go and vote myself and I hope there will be a high percentage of people that participate. However, I'm not going to talk about whether I want to see an independent Barça or Catalonia because that's something personal."

Pinto back in the side after Messi's backing: "We've spoken to the technical secretary and they know my opinion. We are in no doubt over his performances and he's played in cup finals. He's really improved his footwork too."

Guardiola and the Brazil team: "That's something for him to decide. He said he wanted to rest for a year, but I'm not really sure we're letting him rest that much."

Veterans or young players: "What matters is that they are playing well, it's what you see on the pitch."

Imminent contract renewals: "That doesn't worry me. What's important is that players want to play at the club then of course there are clauses where a club will have to pay if they want to take them away from here."

Words of praise from the players: "We've known each other for years because I always spoke to them when I was Pep's number two. Of course, Pep did most of the work so there are still things they don't know about me. At any rate, things will have to be assessed at the end of the season."

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