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Mourinho: "Bad refereeing? I've had many worse moments"

"I remember a Milan derby (officiated by Rocchi) when we played with ten men almost the entire game and a part of it with nine, with a non-existent penalty. I have a UEFA suspension hanging over me."


José Mourinho was visibly annoyed with the refereeing of the Italian Rocchi, but he held his tongue in the post-match press conference this evening. "I have a UEFA suspension hanging over me", he pointed out. In the same tone, he recalled a Milan derby which saw Rocchi frustrate his then team.

The match: "In the first half we had the chance to go 0-2 up and put the match to bed. We had everything under control and we weren't able to win because in the second half we had a penalty and red card given against us. It's up to you to judge if it was a penalty or not. I'm on the bench. If it's really a red card and a penalty, then OK; if not, nothing."

Worst memory: "I've already lost a semi-final for a goal that didn't cross the line. There was another when Pepe broke his tibia; two semi-finals that I've lost on penalties... In Barcelona I was with ten men for an hour and here only 20 minutes. I've had many worse moments. This is one of the acceptable ones."

Rocchi: "Italy knows what he's like. I was there for an Inter-Milan derby (officiated by Rocchi) when we played with ten men almost the entire game and a part of it with nine. He also blew for a non-existent penalty.Today this happens. Bergonzi (one of the other officials) was ten metres away, and he also said it was a penalty. But I'm keeping quiet, because I have a UEFA suspension hanging over me. And to them I give thanks for the present they gave me in my 100th Champions League match."

The final stretch: "At 1-1 and with 10 men we didn't have any other option but to defend. City have a fantastic squad with lots of attacking players, and being in inferiority and without any kind of midfielder like Essien on the bench we couldn't do anything else. The team worked really hard and had a good match with the logical limitations. With a point we were in the last sixteen and it wasn't a question of taking risks. We wanted to come into the last match qualified."

The future: "Imagine what I expected if we were to have gone out of this group."

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