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The press always make Cristiano out to be the baddie

Pepe took his turn in front of the journalists before tomorrow night's Real Madrid - Manchester City clash.


Real Madrid defender Pepe spoke to the world's press before his team's Champions League game tomorrow night.

Cristiano and the Ballon d'Or: "For many people Cristiano is the best in the world. He helped us win the title. It is the press' fault if he doesn't have a good image. They generate doubts, and make him out to be the baddie. For us the main thing is that he's happy, that he does things well, and he helps us to win things".

Cristiano's future: "That's for him. Only him, his agent and the club know about his future. As his friend I hope he spends a long time in Madrid, but for that to happen the club need to extend his contract. I want him to be here for as long as possible".

Kun Agüero and Manchester City: "He's a great footballer and they are an outstanding team, with good players. But the most important thing is their mentality, because they work for the full 90 minutes. We're capable of leaving here with a victory. We've got our style of play, we need to be faithful to it, and do what the gaffer asks us to. It's an important game and we want to win it. In such a difficult group it's vital to get the basics right, and we are going to try to do that".

Controversy against Levante: "It's happened to me against Levante just like against other teams. In nearly 60% of the games I play in I don't commit any fouls, and when I do it's treated as if I tried to kill someone. I'm paying for some mistakes I made in the past. It isn't fair, but I'm here to do my job and to give everything for the Real Madrid shirt".

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