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Khedira: "We have to impose ourselves on Manchester City"

"Silva, Tevez, Agüero and Balotelli all have enormous quality and can decide a game by themselves. We will have to be very wary of each one, because they are among the best players in the world."


Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira has assured the club's fans that Madrid will "impose their attacking potential against Manchester City on Wednesday and will "not let City influence the way we play".

"Dortmund illustrated how to approach the game over there, playing in a compact way, fighting for every ball and trying to impose themselves on the game," the Germany international told BWIN.com.

"Above all, we have to make sure they don't influence the way we play, and instead impose our attacking potential."

Khedira emphasised the quality that City have within their squad, especially in attack, with players such as Sergio Agüero, Carlos Tevez, David Silva and Mario Balotelli.

"They have enormous quality and each of those players can decide a game by themselves. Even though those four players will not be playing at the same time, it doesn't matter which player does, we will have to be very wary of each one in order to keep them under control, because they are among the best players in the world."

Khedira admitted that he feels "much better now than in the last few years" at Real Madrid, but recognised "one can always develop more and improve".

He also was wary of picking a favourite to win the Champions League.

"I think that every year there's a group of favourites and it would not be fair to just name one team. It's going to be very interesting because this year many teams have made it their number one objective to win the Champions League."

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