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Suso: "Playing alongside Suarez and Gerrard is incredible"

He left Cádiz when he was a youth team player but Brendan Rodgers has shown faith in Suso due to his quality and his lethal left foot. At just 18 years old, he is now a regular starter for Liverpool.

Suso: "Playing alongside Suarez and Gerrard is incredible"

Coming as you do from Cádiz, is life in Liverpool tough?

Well....(laughs). I adapted to the climate very quickly, although it was hard to get used to, and the language too. I don't worry about either of those things now, I'm just focusing on playing football and continuing to improve. Things have been going very well for me this year.

Quite, you are a regular in the Liverpool side at just 18-years-old and have been called up to the Spain under-21 squad

That's right, I'm getting a lot of games in the first team and this has lead to me playing for the under-21s. Everything that has happened has been like a dream.

You are yet another small Spaniard to triumph abroad..

We keep on producing great players from our country. To be mentioned among those other players is very special to me, and it tells me I must be doing something right.

Are you more similar to Xavi or Iniesta?

My idol was always Zidane, but now I look up to Iniesta a lot, first of all because I play in a similar way to him, and because he's Spanish. He's a reference point for all young players trying to establish themselves.

Do you think you've got what it takes to be Liverpool's Iniesta?

The success of the Spanish national team is proof that you can win things by keeping the ball and taking the initiative, and we want to adopt this style at Liverpool. This way of playing really benefits me and that's why I keep on starting matches.

How did you go from being a nobody to becoming a starter for a club as big as Liverpool?

The coach Brendan Rodgers called me up to the first team for the pre-season. He has known about me since I was a youth team player, since I arrived from Cádiz when I was just 16, and he watched me in the under-19 European Championships. He liked what he saw and since then he has been given me a chance. He's the type of coach that likes developing young players.

Is there a 'red revolution' occurring?

Well, I think Liverpool needed a change and that's what's happening with this coach. Rodgers is developing the base of the team he wants. But it requires patience, and I think we'll only see the fruits of this labour in the long term rather than in the short term.

Do the hairs on the back of your neck stick up when you hear the fans sing 'You'll Never Walk Alone'?

Anfield is a unique stadium, it has a special magic to it, it's breathtaking.

What's it like in the Liverpool dressing room? You could be Jamie Carragher's son...

The dressing room is very friendly. The Spaniards (Pepe Reina, José Enrique and Suso) always hang out together, along with Luis Suárez, and Nuri Sahin, who also speaks our language.

Who are you most in awe of?

Luis Suárez and Gerrard, I admire them both a lot. Playing together with those two at Liverpool is incredible.

What has surprised you most about the Premier League?

The fans, not just Liverpool fans but the supporters in general. They never stop supporting their team, even when they lose. It's spectacular.

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