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Alves: "Of my titles, I'd choose the Super Cup won against Barça"

In an interview with Le Buteur, Dani Alves chooses the 0-3 win of 2006 in Monaco above other title triumphs: "Emotionally, the first is always very important", he says.


Alves: "Of my titles, I'd choose the Super Cup won against Barça"

Daniel Alves revealed which of his 26 titles means the most to him, and spoke about Guardiola, clásicos and Zidane to the Algerian paper Le Buteur.

His 26 titles: "It's true that it's hard to choose one title over another, but emotionally the first is always very important, and the first was the European Super Cup with Sevilla, when we beat Barcelona 3-0 (Alves forgot that to get to that match, his team won the UEFA Cup against Middlesbrough 4-0). Nobody expected it because the opponents were called Barcelona and they'd just won the Champions League with Ronaldinho. Thanks to our ability and our motivation, we changed Sevilla's mentality."

Guardiola: "There are no easy partings; they hurt. I don't like to choose between one mistake and another just as I don't like to choose between one title and another. I feel that we were the reason Guardiola left. We didn't respond on the pitch as he wanted us to. We, the players, feel responsible for his leaving. Pep always speaks with his heart. He decided to announce the news to us when it was already inevitable. He was direct and sincere. The decision was difficult for everyone to accept. When you get that kind of information, everything else doesn't have any importance for you anymore."

Messi and Neymar: "The big difference is that Messi plays in Europe and Neymar in Brazil. He and Ganso are two great players, but they still don't have the tactical discipline, that maturity and responsibility to know what's important in a team. Neymar should take that step in Europe, preferably at Barcelona."

The clásicos: "I experienced a very emotion-filled derby game between Sevilla and Betis many times. Perhaps with less standing that Barça-Real, in terms of the quality of the players, the spectacle offered and the media coverage. But a match of passion. A tougher and harder match than a clásico. I defend my club, I live my job like someone who's hungry and needs to eat. The only thing that matters to me in my job is fighting with all my strength to defend the shirt I'm wearing. If there is continuity in our work, we'll return to the summit and win many titles again."

Ganso and Zidane: "The ball at the feet of Ganso or Zidane is like a baby in the hands of a mother. Ganso is a great player who we'll hear a lot about. I remember that Zidane also had an intimate relationship with the ball. When Zidane has it, you get the impression he's dancing with his 10-year-old daughter."

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