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Ramos: "I've resolved the differences with Mourinho"

Speaking on 'El Larguero', the Real Madrid centre-back insists that he didn't want to defy the coach with his Özil shirt, and states that Pepe didn't punch Ballesteros.


Ramos: "I've resolved the differences with Mourinho"

"My relationship with Mourinho is good. We had differences, but we've resolved them" said Sergio Ramos on Cadena SER's 'El Larguero'. He also affirmed that "Pepe didn't punch Ballesteros. There were just words and arguments."

The Özil shirt: "I've already explained it. He's another friend inside the squad and it was a show of affection. I didn't wear the shirt to provoke the boss. Özil is a fun person, a great guy and we understand each other in English. I'm really helping him to adapt to the city because he's shy."

Mourinho: "We had differences, and we've resolved them. Our relationship is fine."

The altercation at the Ciutat de Valencia: "Against Madrid everything changes because beating us has more impact. That's why you can understand some things, but not what happened the other day. It's water under the bridge now. Our conscience is clear."

Criticism of Ballesteros: "I've always got on well with him and we spoke before the match. He even congratulated me for Madrid and Spain's successes. But I won't talk about some things that happened in the tunnel to the dressing rooms. He went into the room where Cristiano was, and there was Pepe, but my teammate didn't attack him. There were no fists. Just words and a push or two. We got there in time to separate them. For me it's all over and I wish the best to Ballesteros."

Spain: "The trips are a good change of pace for me, professionally and personally. I'm going to play my 98th match and I'm very satisfied."

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