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Simeone: "I told Falcao he'd have opportunities to go"

The coach points out that he'd already spoken to Falcao about a possible departure, before the Bucharest final. "I told him he'd have chances to go because he's one of the best in the world."

Simeone: "I told Falcao he'd have opportunities to go"

Diego Pablo Simeone appeared in front of the press before his team's Liga meeting with Granada and responded to Falcao's statement, made in Colombia, that he'd like to go to another team "one day." The player did point out that he still has three years on his Atlético Madrid contract, though. Simeone knows he's one of the best in the world and he'll have numerous offers and opportunities to keep growing as a football player.

Falcao's future: "I'm happy about everything that's happening to Falcao, because I know him as a man. I said all this before the final against Athletic; that he'd have chances to go because he's one of the best in the world. It's normal that this happens with the great players. Everything depends on whether the clubs reach an agreement, and more. I know him and he deserves all the good things that are happening."

Falcao unhappy to not play in the Europa League due to squad rotations: "I'm the coach and I don't have to give explanations. I have to prepare a team and win. I don't waste time explaining or understanding situations. I do what's necessary for the club to be at its best in the three competitions."

Granada, the next Liga opponents: "It's more than just three points. We expect a tough ride later on. They had a great match against Betis, but also against Athletic. They've got Benítez back and the team is growing. It's a really important match to stay on the right track."

Anquela's work: "Granada don't have the points they deserve. With Benitez they have a good left side; they have good forwards, brave ones, that play well with their backs to goal. And in the middle they have Iriney and Rico, who are experienced in the Primera. They're a dangerous team."

Atlético Madrid's merits: "Except in the game against Académica, the identity of the team has always been reflected. We've always played as a block. It was there again against Getafe in the first half, which was very good."

For those waiting for the big slip-up: "If people are waiting for us to lose that encourages us to keep improving. We won't forget but we can do as a group and as a team."

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