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"I prefer to see matches like this than others that are like the Europa League"

José Mourinho complains about the referee's decision for Callejón's disallowed goal. He praises the mobility of his team upfront in the second half despite not having strikers.


"As a football fan, I'd prefer to see a match like this and draw than watch others, like there are in other groups which seem like the Europa League. On the two occasions that I won the Champions League I finished second in the group. I'm not superstitious, but... We have the chance to be top and we're going to try and get the maximum points" said Real Madrid's coach José Mourinho after the draw against Borussia Dortmund.

Problems upfront: "We didn't have many attacking options to make the comeback. Callejón did the job very well. He was very fast. His goal was legal because I saw it on TV. The four that finished the game upfront made a lot of changes to make an impact. I switched Modric for Essien to put on more pressure. We were more dynamic."

Morata's absence: "Morata played 90 minutes with Castilla, it's my fault. I didn't expect to lose Benzema. He was going to start and Higuaín was going to be on the bench. After thirty minutes Gonzalo was out too. I'd been asked to let Morata play in Huesca because Jesé was suspended and I agreed. It was mistake. Benzema and Higuaín won't be back in time for Sunday."

Controversial offside: "A draw would have felt like a win to me if we'd scored two goals, but it doesn't if we scored three. For that reason I'm not happy with the result."

Cristiano Ronaldo: "He had a great game. If he has physical problems, he handles that. He had to play in areas that aren't his, and he had to drop back to receive the ball.

Bad in defence: "We made two or three serious defensive mistakes. When you play against big teams they kill you. They don't take prisoners. We weren't winning the first and second balls. We spent too much time on the ball without getting out of a pressure area. In the second half it changed. I was pleased because we were a different team."

Quiet and annoyed fans: "If you've been here for two-and-a-half years like I have then a quiet stadium doesn't surprise you. It's a cultural thing. We're not going to change it. We didn't play well and the stadium didn't show any joy. In the second half we reacted and the people were behind us. They were honest. The message to the fans is that if we qualify in the end we're fine, but this group is difficult. We near to it and that is a success. If we finish second it's a problem for the first-placed teams. They expect easier opponents. It doesn't matter."

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