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"People dressing up as Madrid fans? I don't know this fashion"

Alonso thinks the demanding schedule is the reason why so many players get injured and has called for a new footballing calendar with fewer games.


Xabi Alonso attended the launch of the new line of clothing 'Black Black' by Emidio Tucci, the company for which he is a model, on Wednesday and spoke about current goings on at Real Madrid. He was asked about José Mourinho's comments that there were many "people dressed up as Real Madrid fans", the Portuguese coach's way of saying there were many people who called themselves Real Madrid fans but who did not defend the club from criticism.

"I have never heard of this particular fashion," joked Alonso. "What I can say is that all Madrid players want from the fans is for them to keep filling our stadium and keep supporting us."

Alonso was also asked why he did not take Spain's penalty against France on Tuesday at the Vicente Calderón, which Cesc Fàbregas took and missed.

"We don't have a usual penalty taker. We have a number of penalty takers and yesterday Cesc was confident and wanted to take it, it was nothing out of the ordinary."

The injuries to Marcelo, Coentrao and Arbeloa: "It's pretty bad, a dark situation, a 'black black' situation. It's incredible we can pick up three injuries in just seven days. But I'm sure the gaffer is now looking at the solutions for game on Saturday [against Celta Vigo] and for the Champions League game [away to Borussia Dortmund].

Whether Mourinho should go for academy players or play first-team players out of position to substitute for the injured full-backs. "It's not my job to say, my job is to play football and I'll support whoever is picked to p lay, whether they're from the academy or someone I know from the first team. I'm sure the boss will make the right decision."

The injuries to Benzema and Higuaín: "We hope they'll be able to train today and that they'll be in perfect condition for the game on Saturday."

Too many games: "When you play at the top level, the truth is the schedule of games is very demanding. We have to play between 60-70 games a season and looking to the future I think it'd be a good idea to create a new schedule which was less demanding."

The revindication of Arbeloa since the European Championships: "I don't think he had anything to prove, because he's always been loved by his team-mates and his coaches. He's highly valued inside the club and he doesn't need a public revindication."

Spain's lack of control in midfield against France: "There was a lack of collective control. We were less precise than usual and when we lack precision we get punished like we did yesterday. The team fell apart and the goal killed us off."

Cristiano and his style: "Every person has his own style and we are all different."

On being the new Beckham: "There's only one David Beckham and I would never pretend to be like him. He's a fantastic bloke but we are different."

Fashion icons: "I don't have any icons or reference points, I don't like things just because other people wear them, I like things because I like how they look."

Footballers as fashion icons: "I'm not sure when footballers started having so much influence in fashion."

What he'll do after football: "I haven't thought about it and I've still got a few years left as a footballer. When I'm finished I'll start thinking about what I'm going to do next, there are a lot of options. However, I don't think I'll be moving into the fashion industry."

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