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Tito: "You could make a video with all the kicks Pepe gave us"

"We never considered playing for a draw but we would also have been crazy to have gone all out on the attack with barely three defenders."


Tito Vilanova responded angrily to accusations by Pepe and José Mourinho that match referee Carlos Delgado Ferreiro had been kind to Barcelona during el Clásico.

Instead, the Catalan coach said that his team had been hard done by as a result of unfair decisions.

"After all this talk about not mentioning referees, Mourinho has then gone and spoken about it. So I say to him, if we want to talk about referees, let's talk about every decision, not just the ones that interest him. There was a foul on Iniesta in the lead up to their second goal. And if Pepe has said that we were theatrical then and all I can say is that you could make a film of all the kicks Pepe gave us tonight."

On his relationship with Mourinho: "He told me it was a great game and I would say the same. We have a good relationship with each other, now we always greet each other. When I was the assistant coach he didn't greet me. Do I think Madrid are closer to us now? I'm not sure, those are his words."

On playing Adriano at centre-back: "I spoke to him about Madrid's movements, that Madrid always play balls over the top. He's a player of speed, but we needed him to be up to the task. I want to thank him for what he has done in the game, and I want to thank Piqué for working night and day to try and get ready for the game. Our usual back four is Alves, Piqué, Puyol and Abidal and none of them were available today [Alves went off injured early in the first half]. Montoya had to face Cristiano without warming up, but we've shown that our younger players have a lot of quality."

The result: "If at the beginning of the season you'd told me we'd be eight points clear of Madrid after seven games I'd have taken it, but on the other hand, we could have made it 11. We never considered playing for a draw but we would also have been crazy to have gone all out on the attack with barely three defenders. Montoya and Pedro could have scored at the end. It was a very competitive game and I'm more than satisfied with my team's performance and the ambition we showed. Everyone watching tonight saw a truly great game."

On leaving Song out: "Keita left and Song came here to play as a holding midfielder and as a centre-back but we were playing against Madrid and he's still not quite ready, he still has trouble playing that position. He's a quick player but he's not as fast as Adriano. We've made many changes to our starting line-up but Adriano played really well. I was the one who decided to sign Song, no-one else. Bartra will have more games in the future but I didn't want to throw him in at the deep end."

On Tello: "He has a brilliant start to the season, his speed has been breathtaking but it was a tough decision as Iniesta was returning, and Cesc was in good form.

Messi: "We will never see a player as good as him again. He's far and away the best player in the world. It's incredible that players as good and him and Cristiano have both appeared in the same era. Cristiano would get more recognition if Leo wasn't playing now, but he's had the bad luck of playing in the same era as him.

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