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Ronald Koeman: "I'd give the Balon d'Or to Cristiano"

The Dutchman gives his views on Real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia on the radio programme 'Al Primer Toque.'


The Dutch coach Ronald Koeman appeared on 'Ondacero's' radio programme 'Al Primer Toque' to talk about the state of affairs at the two Spanish teams he's worked at (Barcelona and Valencia) as well as Real Madrid. He said that "Messi is the best player in the world", but that he'd give the Balon d'Or to Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Cristiano is a great player like Messi and he's been making an impact at Madrid for a while. Who would I give the Balon d'Or to? How many does Messi have? - three? Well then I'd give one to Ronaldo..." said the current Feynoord boss.

He still believes that Messi is the best, though. "Messi is the best player in the world right now, better than many other players of the past. He's a unique player for what he does; he gets results, decides matches, for me he's incredible."

Koeman defended Tito Vilanova's work with the Barça team. "I think Tito's Barça look good, in general very good because the results speak for themselves. I think his side is along the same lines, strong despite the injuries. I think they're very good at the moment."

He also praised Mourinho, although "his way of playing is different to Barcelona's." "I think Mourinho's really good as a coach. He's won with many different teams, and has his way of playing which might be different to Barça's, but you have to acknowledge that he's winning. His teams always get good results."

Finally he admitted that he hasn't seen much of Valencia this season but has no doubts as to their inferiority next to Madrid and Barcelona. "I haven't seen many of Valencia's matches, things are going OK there. They could cause a surprise but currently you can't compare them with Madrid or Barça because they're not on the same level as them."

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