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No referendum on the Camp Nou until 2014/15

Xavier Faus, Barça's vice-president of finances says that the remodelling of the Camp Nou would cost 300 million euros, and a completely new stadium, around 600 million. "Until we get the debt to under 200 million, we won't do anything."


In the end, Barcelona did not vote in its General Assembly over whether there will be a referendum to choose between a new stadium or the remodelling of the Camp Nou. That will come during the 2014/15 season at the earliest, according to the club's vice-president of finances, Xavier Faus. He explained it like this: "American and English consultancies, as well as Catalan engineers have been tasked with doing studies to analyze the viability of both options, and that's what's going to happen in these two years." Faus pointed out that "the world evolves", using as examples four stadiums built in recent years: Wembley, Munich's Allianz Arena, the Bird's Nest in Beijing and the Donbass Arena in Donetsk. "We want to take a qualitative leap forward and reach excellency for our club's assets" he added.

Faus estimated that the remodelling of the Camp Nou would cost at least 300 million euros, and a completely new construction wouldn't come for less than 600 million, but that "it would be the stadium for the next 70 years." "Whatever we do, we will go into debt but we won't do anything until the debt is less than its current level, and until we're under 200 million euros. At the moment we're at 334 million. We hope to be there in two years. Thus we'll aim to have the referendum to decide between a new Camp Nou, or redesigning the current one, in 2014/15 or the following season."

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