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Lack of support from Madrid causing Cristiano's sadness

Lack of support from Madrid causing Cristiano's sadness

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There are three reasons behind his unhappiness: institutional, sporting and contractual. Madrid President Florentino wasn't in Monaco with him. He won't return to Monaco with UEFA if it isn't to win. His contract renewal has issues over taxes and image rights.

Cristiano Ronaldo is unhappy with Real Madrid, not with Mourinho. In order of importance his issues are as follows. The Portuguese player feels he was unsupported by the club at the UEFA prize ceremony in Montecarlo. His rivals, Iniesta and Messi were backed in person by the top executive at Barcelona, Rosell whilst Cristiano had to rely on vice-president Pedro López, a figure relatively unknown in the world of football as far as the player is concerned. The presence of Butragueño, who was there with his wife, was equal to Zubizarreta being there, but in both cases these are salaried employees, not club directors.

Lopéz is an engineer, a friend and partner of Real Madrid's president. Florentino sent him because he trusts him but he's unknown in the football world. The president himself couldn't go because he had an urgent appointment: a meeting with international financiers to inform them of a radical change to the dividend policy of his company, according to Spanish newspaper El País. It was a meeting Florentino couldn't avoid. He would have much preferred to be in Montecarlo, but...

The second reason, the sporting reason, is somewhat more trivial. Cristiano doesn't like losing to Iniesta. And he won't go back to Monaco unless it's to lift the trophy. On that score he is also demanding that Madrid apply more pressure.

Finally, the contractual problem, which brings hope to Manchester City and PSG, is that Cristiano doesn't understand why Albiol, Arbeloa and Ramos have had their contracts renewed and he hasn't. But Cristiano's contract isn't the same as the others. His tax and image rights situation is highly complex and takes longer.

Madrid will speak to the player

Madrid are waiting for Cristiano, currently with the Portuguese squad, to return to deal with the issue. The role of Mourinho, who is preoccupied with the situation, is vital. The coach who was in Croatia yesterday to watch Modric play against Macedonia talked to the player on the phone after his declaration that he was "sad" after the win over Granada. Mou has calmed Cristiano down somewhat. Madrid will offer to make a joint statement with two fundamental elements: commitment to extend and improve the player's contract past 2015 and institutional support (if not the unanimous support of the dressing room) for his bid to win the next edition of the Balon d'Or.

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