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Osasuna denounce Málaga

The Andalucian club was required to pay a million euros before the 15th June, the third instalment in Nacho Monreal's transfer fee. The LPF's Economic Commission could start disciplinary proceedings against the club.


Osasuna have condemned Málaga to the Liga for non-payment of part of Nacho Monreal's transfer fee, as 'Diario de Noticias' published.

The Navarran club sold the defender for six million euros, that was due to be paid in four instalments: two million at the time of signing in June 2011, another two on the 15th December 2011, one million on the 15th July 2012 and a final million on the 15th December this year.

Málaga missed the deadline for the second payment, for which Osasuna reprimanded them in the middle of January. The Andalucian club finally found the two million, together with 6,000 euros commission, on the 30th March.

This latest denouncement could see the Liga's Financial Commission open disciplinary proceedings against Málaga to suspend certain rights, meaning the club won't be able to sign players.

With this punishment hanging over them, together with Villareal's condemnation of the club following the signing of Santi Cazorla, it's possible that UEFA could decide to take away Málaga's license, which would leave them without a Champions League place.

If they don't settle their debts before the 31st July, Atlético Madrid will play in the Champions League and Osasuna in the Europa League.

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