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Xavi Hernández: "Mourinho will not go down in football history"

The Barça and Spain midfielder compares the Portuguese coach and Guardiola and reviews the latest football news on Canal+ days before the start of Euro 2012.


"Mourinho won't go down in football history. For me Guardiola is the best, and he has been during the four years he's been in charge at Barça, because he's revolutionised football". Xavi Hernández, the Barça and Spain midfielder, was on the program 'Espacio Reservado' on Canal+ to review the latest football news. Talking on the program Xavi gave thanks for the work of Pep Guardiola as the coach of Barcelona and compared him with José Mourinho, including by the use of analogies: "For example, Chelsea won the Champions League this year, and Barça continue to be the reference point for football the world over".

Xavi stated that the tense Barça - Real Madrid battles have taken their toll, although he considered that the 5-0 was the "best moment of the Guardiola era". "It caused problems with some of my friends. I have a great friendship with Iker and that's more important than anything. Puyol and Del Bosque were important in making sure everything settled down in the end", added the Catalan, who didn't hesitate to indicate the part the press played in the conflict. "The press were also responsible for a lot of it, because they created tension out of very little. It's true there was some tension, but not nearly as much as they made out". Xavi also sent another message to Real Madrid, believing that they won the league by being "efficient". "Barça has also been an example, Madrid not so much. They've only recognised that we were better when we won. We've always been respectful, like in the Mestalla, but they haven't been so gracious. It's a personal feeling".

Turning to Guardiola and his departure, Xavi said he was "surprised" both for the coach's exit and for the arrival of Tito Vilanova to the 'azulgrana' bench. "I was very surprised by Pep leaving, he's suffered a lot and he's burnt out. But Tito taking over is also surprising, especially after the tough year we've had. He is the chosen one to continue making Barça's history", said Xavi.

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