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Mourinho: "Messi scored 50 worthless goals"

The Real Madrid coach says that Cristiano Ronaldo deserves the Balon d'Or: "Just as Messi was champion when he won, Cristiano will win this year".

The Real Madrid coach, José Mourinho, already in Kuwait, made some intriguing statements to the Portuguese TV channel SIC, declaring that his countryman Cristiano Ronaldo should win the Balon d'Or because his goals gave the Spanish league title to Real Madrid. The complete opposite of Lionel Messi: "Cristiano has to win the Balon d'Or, not because he was the highest goal scorer, which he already was last season, but because his goals were worth a title. Messi scored 50 goals that were worth nothing, in the same way that last season Cristiano scored 42 that didn't achieve anything. Just as Messi won it when he won the title, this year Cristiano will win it".

The Portuguese coach wanted to express his respect for the Kuwait team, their rivals in the friendly: "I know their general history. That they were at the '82 World Cup, that they drew with Czechoslovakia... We have every respect for the Kuwaiti players. Our best players will play and that's an example of great respect. The team arrives as it is, without training for three days, after a major celebration, and all the footballers will have a chance to play. It is very important there are no injuries and that the match is not excessively aggressive". The coach, who sarcastically said that the players would train "in the pool", was in an affable mood, and even talked about his personality when asked about his genial attitude in the press room: "I'm not normally very friendly, it's because I'm on holiday. I'm not going to ruin my image".

He also talked, in an interview he gave to the newspaper Record, about the extraordinary merit of the League title Real Madrid recently won. According to the Portuguese, who has won three of the hardest championships in Europe, this League was the most difficult.

"All titles feel good, that's undeniable. But I can say that this was the hardest of the seven championships I have won. And that's taking into account that with Inter we won the league in the last game", the Portuguese coach said.

"This was the most difficult because our rivals have been recognised as the best team in recent years. And during the whole competition there was huge pressure, because if we drew we might lose points. It was a titanic battle between the two best teams in the world. For that reason it was the most difficult, but it was also the fairest", he added.

José Mourinho also talked about the European Championships and the Portuguese team, led once again by Cristiano Ronaldo. "One thing is Real Madrid, the national team is another. Playing for Portugal he doesn't have the team he has here, and we can't expect 10 or 15 goals. That, despite being the best player in the world", he concluded.

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